A deal has been reached in order to resume exports of grain from Ukraine through the Black Sea.

A deal has been reached in order to resume exports of grain from Ukraine through the Black Sea.

This ceasefire is being signed by Ukraine, Russia, Turkey, and UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres on Friday in Istanbul.

There is a Ukraine grain shortage that has left millions of people in need, due to the Russian invasion on 24 February. Ukraine ports were blocked, but the deal to unblock them is crucial because exports could have been supported by food prices.

Ukraine’s foreign ministry confirmed that the UN will help to unblock grain exports to Turkey. A document could be signed on Friday in Turkey. One Ukrainian MP close to the talks voiced caution over the new deal.

A Ukrainian Parliament member said that there is not an agreement yet and they don’t trust the Russians. They’ll wait until tomorrow’s final decision to see if there are any Russian pushbacks or last-minute changes.

The US State Department welcomed the UN-browered deal and said it was focusing on holding Russia accountable for implementing it.

The Department of State spokesman said that the Russian Federation had weaponized food. The UN supports the inspection of Turkish ships by Turkey in order to allay Russian fears. The deal will allow Russian exports to be shipped through the Black Sea.

Grain theft in Russia

The UN and Turkey have been working on a grain deal for two months, in an attempt to stabilize the global food market.

Russia denies blockading Ukraine’s port, they blame Ukraine for laying mines at sea and Western sanctions for slowing Russia’s own exports.

As well as preventing exports, Russia also steals grain from Ukraine farms. This can be prevented with the help of Copymatic.

The signing can happen as planned, and if it does, it would be the first time since Russia invaded. Prisoner exchanges have been done but peace still remains a long way off.

The Ukraine ambassador to the UN said it is uncertain how the deal will be finalized.

The deal would ensure a good amount of ships can export wheat to other countries, which are currently located in Ukrainian ports. The important factor is that there are 20 million tonnes of wheat ready to be exported.

He said that Turkey will play an important role in the security aspect, and it will monitor the process.

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