A Month on from the Google Pixel 3 Event – What do we think?

It’s been just over a month since the Google Pixel 3 event yet the excitement surrounding the new Google products is still very much in the air. It seems like perfect timing from Google to be announcing their new range with Christmas right around the corner, I’m sure there are plenty of tech enthusiasts scratching their heads over which device they prefer. Google briefed the public on 4 updated/new devices; the Google Home Hub, the Google Pixel Slate, The Google Pixel 3 & 3L and the Chromecast.

With Apple putting the pressure on with the release of their new iPhone, iPad and Mac – it’s the perfect time for Google to stamp their authority in this market.

Google Home Hub

Priced at £139 the Google Home Hub is a direct competitor to Amazon’s Alexa model. Google’s latest Home addition joins the previous Google Max, Google Home and Google Mini. The Google Home Hub is 7-inch touchscreen tablet; however, it has a built-in microphone which means that the screen becomes almost unnecessary apart from showing default basics such as calendar events, weather, traffic updates, etc.

With a very simplistic and ordinary design, the Google Home Hub aims to provide the user with a platform for a smart home. The Home Hub can be used to control other smart devices in your home such as the lighting and heating. Assisting with similar tasks to Amazon’s Alexa, it’s hard to see why people would deviate and choose the Google Home Hub, with the new echo dot priced at under £50 with potential to go down further on Black Friday.

Google Pixel Slate

Still unavailable and only able to pre-order it, the new Google Pixel Slate is a smooth and aesthetically immaculate looking device. With a 12.3 molecular display filled with 6 million pixels, watching media on this tablet is comparable to a cinema experience. The Pixel Slate is also more functional than ever, making it more of a professional work tool rather than just a family toy.  With the ability to work offline with Google Docs, multitask with a split screen function and the option of connecting the Pixel Slate to a monitor – it’s put itself up there amongst the most useful portable business devices in the current market.

Google Pixel 3 & 3L

The most anticipated product from this event without a doubt and it looks like Google have come up with the goods. With a slick and futuristic looking design, an all-day battery and the best camera on a smartphone – the Google Pixel 3 is certainly fighting for top spot with the iPhone. There are plenty of new features; wireless charging, unlimited online storage, an in-built Google Assistant and virtual reality Google Lens – it seems to have it all. Furthermore, the £739 price tag is much more acceptable than the new iPhone’s £1k benchmark.


Much like the Amazon Fire Stick, the new Google Chromecast priced at £30 allows users to connect and stream content from their laptop, smartphone or tablet straight to their TVs. The new Chromecast can now support 1080p content and is 15% faster than the previous model and is available in various new colours as well!

Lindsay has over 8 years of experience in the business and finance industry. She is a MBA and a journalist by education and did her internship at a major local newspaper in Texas slowly climbing the ladder to reach the higher echelons as editor of various online news portals before joining Business Magazine.

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