Climate crisis is ‘slipping down agenda’

​​According to the chairman of a global energy watchdog climate change is slipping down the international agenda, increasing the risk that nations will decrease their pace in lowering greenhouse gas emissions.

Fatih Birol, executive director of the International Energy Agency, said the atmosphere at the Swiss resort looked to lack the urgency required to reduce global warming to 1.5C when speaking on the sidelines of the World Economic Forum in Davos.

His company collaborates with nations all around the world to develop energy policies that will ensure a safe and sustainable future.

The seriousness of climate change is, however, slipping down the agenda, according to Mr. Birol.

“The energy situation is crucial and highly important.

“The food shortage is a serious issue.

“However, the climate crisis is also crucial.

“I don’t see the people’s participation and passion that I had in the past few years… We must remember it because it is a serious problem.”

The remarks were made as demonstrators against climate change, including Greta Thunberg, marched through Davos and urged the investors there not to spend any more money in new fossil fuel projects.

By the time of Friday’s march, the majority of WEF attendees had already left the conference, but Ms. Thunberg and others had a meeting with Mr. Birol, whose organisation has stated that no new oil and gas exploration projects should be undertaken if the world is to reach net zero greenhouse gas emissions.

The topic of the world economy and Ukraine took centre stage at the forum’s annual winter sessions, the first to be held since 2020.

Discussions about climate change were still significant, but they were less so than at the last gathering.

The European Parliament’s Roberta Metsola said that it was now up to her colleagues and lawmakers to deal with the issue.

“We are the final generation of politicians who can solve this,” she said

“Older ones didn’t. Either this moment, or never. Our supporters expect it of us. Younger generations look to us for it. We cannot leave it to them if we don’t make a decision.”

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