Former US President Jimmy Carter receiving hospice care

The former US President Jimmy Carter has stopped receiving medical treatment and is receiving hospice care at his Georgia home, according to his foundation.

The Carter Center said: “He will spend his remaining time at home with his family.”

The 98-year-old Mr. Carter has liver and brain melanoma.

He was president from 1977 until 1981, but due to foreign policy disagreements, Mr. Carter was defeated by Ronald Reagan in his bid for reelection.

“The Carter family seeks privacy and thanks his many supporters for their concern,” said a statement from the Carter Center.

In hospice care, the comfort of a dying patient comes before providing treatment for those who are terminally ill.

Jason Carter, a former state representative for Georgia, tweeted that he had seen “both of my grandparents yesterday.”

The 75th wedding anniversary of Mr. Carter and his wife Rosalynn was marked in 2021.

Georgia native Mr. Carter, who was born in 1924, first served as a state senator in the 1960s before being elected governor in 1971.

Five years later, he defeated Gerald Ford to become the 39th president.

While in office, President Carter dealt with a lot of problems.

He attempted to persuade Americans to accept austerity in the face of massive unemployment and inflation brought on by an oil crisis.

Carter’s greatest accomplishment was the Camp David Accords, which Egypt ratified and in which Israel was recognised. He also authorised the transfer of control of the Panama Canal to Panama.

In Tehran following the Iranian Revolution of 1979, 66 Americans were abducted. Carter placed a trade embargo and broke off diplomatic ties with the nation in the Middle East.

His popularity declined after the US detainees were imprisoned for 444 days. His popularity further declined after a botched hostage rescue attempt and the deaths of eight US service members.

Mr. Carter’s Carter Center carried on his humanitarian activities after he left office.

In 1994, he organised a group to call on Haitian military leaders to resign, and he also orchestrated a Bosnian truce that helped lead to a peace agreement.

He was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 2002 for his support of human rights.

The Elders, a group of world leaders dedicated to peace and human rights, was founded by him and Nelson Mandela.

The former president had a number of health issues and underwent liver surgery in August 2015.

The next year, he declared that an experimental drug had healed his cancer.

He said in 2015: “I’m comfortable with whatever comes up. My life was interesting, exciting, and fulfilling.”

Several American politicians extended their condolences to Mr. Carter’s family on Saturday night, including Democratic Senate Leader Charles Schumer, New York Governor Kathy Hochul, and Georgia Senator Raphael Warnock.

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