Pacific Oil & Gas in for the Asian Market

Pacific Oil & Gas is an independent energy development resources company with the aim and vision to become the leader in the independent energy resources market in Asia. When the founder, Sukanto Tanoto, established Pacific Ocean in 2003 he made it the company’s mission to ‘develop energy and power projects in a sustainable manner, to meet both regional and local needs’. It’s the desire to meet both ‘regional and local needs’ that has been a major contributing factor to Pacific Oil’s success over these past 15 years.

A core value that has been installed from the very top at the founder’s level and been communicated down to research scientist and factory worker level is to ‘bring a long-term approach by investing’. This shows a real level of commitment, whether it’s an investment of time or money – Pacific Oil & Gas are fixated on their number one goal of becoming a leader in the energy market.

Pacific Oil & Gas has recently been involved in the development of a large-scale clean power project in China. The Energy development giant has successfully developed the ‘780 MW CCGT power plant in Xiamen’. Furthermore, Pacific are also continuing to innovate and develop alternative clean power projects in Eastern China.

There has been a recent rise in demand for energy in Indonesia and its Pacific Oil & Gas that are determined to capitalise on the opportunity. Pacific are partnering up with some of Asia’s largest energy companies to collaborate on ideas concerning clean energy.

Pacific operate in the upstream, midstream and downstream sectors. Upstream activities include exploration and development/production of oil in Indonesia. Whereas, their midstream and upstream work concentrates on the development of, ‘LNG receiving terminals and large-scale Combined Cycle Gas Turbine (CCGT) power plants in China’.

Recent news from Pacific Oil & Gas was that they had secured strategic cooperation with Kunlun Energy. This partnership was another step in the right direction towards the achievement of an efficient, clean and reliable source of energy in order to meet the increasing demands of China.

Although Pacific Oil & Gas have only just hit the 15-year mark since becoming established, they have successfully implemented fundamental projects in Indonesia and China, as well as forming strong partnerships with some of Asia’s energy heavyweights. With Pacific chasing the ‘clean energy dream’ – the future looks bright for them.

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