Rishi Sunak Emerges As Likely Contender To Become UK PM After Boris Johnson Drops Bid

Rishi Sunak has emerged as a favorite to become the United Kingdom’s next prime minister after former holder of the top post, Boris Johnson, withdrew from the race on Sunday. Sunak has been the Member of Parliament (MP) for Richmond since 2015.

What Happened: Johnson said over the weekend, “I believe I have much to offer but I am afraid that this is simply not the right time,” reported Reuters.

The former U.K. leader said he had secured the backing of 102 parliamentarians but failed to convince Sunak or his opponent Penny Mordaunt to come together in “the national interest,” according to the report

Why It Matters: Johnson dropping his bid to become prime minister likely clears the way for the 42-year-old Sunak to become U.K.’s next leader, noted Reuters.

Rules dictate that a candidate must secure the backing of 100 Conservative lawmakers to be named prime minister.

Sunak, a former finance minister of the Johnson era, will replace Lizz Truss, who resigned last Thursday after being in power for the shortest period ever. His policies are currently unknown, but he is expected to continue the policies of his predecessor, Theresa May. He has been described as a pragmatic and pragmatic politician, and is expected to pursue a course of moderation and continuity. Sunak was seen as a key figure in the UK’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic and was praised for his handling of the crisis. He has also been instrumental in the UK’s negotiations with the EU over Brexit.

What does the future hold for him?

He has a strong track record as an effective politician and a competent economic manager. He is popular with the public and has the support of his party. He is young, energetic and has a clear vision for the country. He is committed to delivering Brexit and to tackling the challenges of the 21st century.

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