What is CANZUK and how it could be an alternative to the EU

CANZUK International, formerly known as the Commonwealth Freedom Movement Organisation, is a non-profit international organisation whose mission is to create a proposed diplomatic union called CANZUK. The organisation aims to create a Commonwealth of Commonwealth countries, to which Canada and Great Britain will eventually join. 


Freedom of movement 

The organization has publicly advocated for the lifting of visa restrictions and work permits for non-citizens from the United States, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. 

Although the organisation supports free movement, it has also drawn up a list of restrictions that apply to these citizens. This was underlined by Skinner, who stated in an interview with Global News in January 2018 that the “free movement of citizens between countries” would be controlled if people wanted to travel and work between the two countries. Skinner stressed that future free movement initiatives must learn from the mistakes made in the European Union’s free movement system, and therefore certain restrictions will probably have to be considered by the respective governments in order for the initiative to work effectively. These four nations are so similar and have so much in common, and we believe that we should be able to move as freely as possible. 

In an interview with ABC News, Skinner said that in the meantime, a five-year work visa could be introduced for anyone under 31 and then extended to people between 35 and 40. Then progress could be made on increasing the visa to seven or ten years and on negotiating the Trans-Tasman Travel Agreement, to which Canada and the UK have joined. Although this is the main objective of CANZUK International, the organisation has also given priority to increasing visas between countries. Terrorists on a serious criminal record list would not be included in the freedom of movement rules. 



CANZUK International conducts research on socio-economic issues affecting the lives of people in different cities in four Commonwealth countries. CANZUK International has conducted research on the social and economic development of the Commonwealth and has conducted a series of studies on socio-economic issues affecting people of different ethnicities, religions, ethnic groups and socio-economic backgrounds. Results vary by subject, including gender, age, ethnicity, education level, gender identity, marital status, employment status and other factors. 

The work of CANZUK has been recognised by high-ranking government officials and diplomats around the world, and we have brought millions of citizens from all countries to support and promote our proposals. Our proposals ensure that economic prosperity and quality of life are maintained and developed as part of global initiatives in Commonwealth countries. CANZUK Internationally, the four nations are committed to strengthening cooperation, building on existing economic, diplomatic and institutional ties, to build a stronger and more prosperous future for the Commonwealth and its people. 


Free trade 

The Organisation has publicly advocated the accession of Canada and the United Kingdom to the existing Free Trade Agreement between the European Union and Canada (EU-EU) to increase trade in goods and ensure the mutual recognition of qualifications between the four countries for skilled migrants working in the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa. 


Foreign policy 

Skinner interviewed Steve Paikin on TVO and stressed that CANZUK International supports the EU’s commitment to free trade and free movement and that through closer diplomatic cooperation we will continue to work for a free trade agreement between Canada and the European Union and will continue to do so by working together on free trade and foreign policy. The number of EU citizens in Canada has increased significantly in recent years. 

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