Delbert Hosemann Pledges to Invest in Mississippi Citizens

Delbert Hosemann, lieutenant governor of Mississippi, has announced changes of laws and legislations in that state. He pledged to invest more in the causes that will better the lifestyle of the citizens. For many years, they have expressed their disappointment when asked about ongoing business and financial issues, and lieutenant governor Hosemann claims to intend to put a stop to this.

Pro-Business Climate in Mississippi

It is no secret that many potential business owners are interested in setting up a business in this state. Mississippi is home to 242,000 small businesses, and the number is growing bigger by the year. With many opportunities rapidly emerging, laws and regulations are becoming outdated and lacking. 

The cost of setting up a business in Mississippi is the second-lowest in the whole country. With the estimated growth of travel and tourism industries and steady agricultural industry that is always profitable, Mississippi’s pro-business climate doesn’t show any sign of stopping. Delbert Hosemann has pledged to invest more into the betterment of small-business welfare.

Increased Funding For Education

Unfortunately, it is common knowledge that public education in Mississippi has been underfunded for decades. Hosemann has announced that changing that is one of his top priorities. Increasing teacher’s pay and getting better funding for public education is investing directly into Mississippi’s future. 

Schools in Mississippi have stayed segregated for a long time, and the consequences of that are still visible today. Many public schools have been neglected and the money that was intended for them has more often than not been used to fund private schools instead. According to the lieutenant governor, that is all about to be changed.

Wage Increase

The cost of living has gone up in the USA, and some of the biggest companies, like Amazon, have already raised the minimum wages of their workers. It should come as no surprise that the same is happening in Mississippi. Many small business owners have trouble keeping up with the recent changes. Hosemann has announced a revision of the outdated laws and regulations, which will provide them with additional help in keeping their business intact. The betterment of workers’ rights, wage raises, and education funding, along with low start-up business fees would attract more workers and business owners to Mississippi.

Insurance Coverage

Lieutenant governor Hosemann has also pledged to reevaluate healthcare reform solutions. Also, raising insurance coverage for treatment for developmental disorders is high on the list of priorities. Many states have already passed insurance coverage bills, which Mississippi didn’t because it was estimated that they would impact the budget too much. It was announced that that will not be the case this time around. Insurance coverage plans are crucial for the well-being of every single citizen of Mississippi. This will be a huge step for the improvement of lifestyle in this state. 

With the current political and economic climate in the USA, reformations are desperately needed in many states, including Mississippi. Changes need time, but in the end, they are crucial for raising the standard of living in this state. The better funding of education and small businesses will move Mississippi forward for at least a decade. 

Lindsay has over 8 years of experience in the business and finance industry. She is a MBA and a journalist by education and did her internship at a major local newspaper in Texas slowly climbing the ladder to reach the higher echelons as editor of various online news portals before joining Business Magazine.

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