Why Geometric Shapes and Patterns are Becoming Increasingly Popular

Whether it’s interior design or commercial marketing, trends tend to fluctuate very quickly and right now it seems like geometric shapes are becoming the new trend. They’re appearing on TV, magazines and furniture. They’re everywhere and we don’t even realise it. Designers are having the time of their lives with geometric patterns, giving them the license to be as creative or plain as they want.

This is not the first time that geometric shapes and patterns have been in fashion. Popularity and fashion tends to have a cyclical demand, meaning that it will be popular for a certain period until trends move on but in 20-30 years, time people will notice the styles of the past and the old trend will re-surface. Geometric shapes/patterns first exploded into fashion during the 1970s, but it looks like the seventies are back and it’s brought a new level to design.

The interior design industry is going crazy for geometric patterns right now because it gives them so much freedom. Furthermore, the home design industry has moved slightly away from being dominated by the big players such as IKEA, and now smaller firms are edging their way into the competition by selling furniture with a niche design and target audience.

For example, modoola are currently operating in a niche market and making tables for business offices. Their desks follow the current geometric trend and fashion, not only looking cool but also functional because it allows tables to be connected in all types of methods, allowing companies to collaborate and work together easily.

Going back to the interior design segment of the industry, it’s all about understanding the layout of a room and where to put the most dominant pieces of furniture. When mixing geometric shapes and creating patterns, it’s important to leave some spaces empty otherwise it can be too overwhelming on the eyes.

Geometric shapes and patterns have also taken over the marketing and advertising sector. If you take a look at the advertising boards on the London Tube platforms then you’ll be able to see geometric design everywhere, you just have to look for it. Geometric patterns have been so successful with advertisers because they engage their audience and get people interested.

Whether it’s interior design at your home or workspace, or marketing and advertising – geometric shapes and patterns are definitely back on the scene, and it certainly doesn’t look like people are going to bored of them anytime soon.

Lindsay has over 8 years of experience in the business and finance industry. She is a MBA and a journalist by education and did her internship at a major local newspaper in Texas slowly climbing the ladder to reach the higher echelons as editor of various online news portals before joining Business Magazine.

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